How to Deal with Millennials in the Workplace Part II

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While it is important to understand the context to Millennial behavior and characteristics, it is more valuable to you, an employer, to know how to use this knowledge to drive efficiency and optimization of Millennial employees at your workplace. Javier Montes, a self-proclaimed expert on eliminating this generational gap in the workplace, a coach on Millennial behavior, the author of “Millennial Workforce: Cracking the Code to Generation Y in Your Company,” and simply a guru on Millennials in general, provides the following helpful tips for your company that you can implement today.

• Short-term deadlines. Javier suggests defining success for Millennials using short-term deadlines. Twenty-something-year-olds operate on a different timeline than those who put in current corporation policies in place; they simply live in a shorter world! Instead, provide quotas and benchmarks for the next two to four weeks and never longer than 90 days.

• Constant feedback. Millennials always want to know how they’re performing every step of the way, they need feedback (not necessarily positive!) constantly and continuously. Arrange one on one quick 5-10 minute chats, at least once per week and don’t be afraid to lay out the good, the bad, and the ugly.

• Strong and clear KPIs. Developing key performance indicators, or KPIs, will allow your Millennial workers to see what they’re being graded on. Javier strongly suggests doing so by trying several different metrics and being as precise as possible: increase revenue, reduce cost by x, in one month, for this department.

• Results vs hours. To get the most out of Millennials, according to Javier, is to focus on the results and not how long it takes. The notion of being paid by the hour or that time reflects effort is very outdated.

Afterword about Millennials.

Millennials are a very unique generation – yes, they can come off as entitled or lazy, but if they get excited about your organization or you, as a leader, they will give so much more output than any other generation. Javier says, “Millennials will work harder, be your biggest cheerleader and be the workhorses of your organization if they have the purpose, the direction, and if you’re telling them this is what the finish line looks like, this is what success looks like, go get it.”

Current twenty-something-year-olds have a very strong sense of self and thus tend to only gravitate towards companies that align with their values. This also naturally forces organizations to have a greater purpose, whether it be the environment, working conditions, community, etc. So go on, take on that responsibility and shape your company values in a way that makes it exciting and altruistic to work there, give your employees a clear purpose and direction and they, in return, will give you all their time, effort and loyalty.

Watch Entrepreneur‘s interview with Javier Montes on How to Get the Most out of Your Millennial.

Written by: Aliya Serikpayeva


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