3 reasons why you need our new service, PLUG virtual office

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As an international entrepreneur, working from home might seem like a good idea. It is very cost efficient and convenient. But slowly, one by one, you start running into problems. Below are the most common scenarios that international start ups face and our solution for them! Imagine the following:

  1. You’ve ordered a ton of new materials and parts for your prototype or your potential investors are mailing you important documents. Instead of being excited about all the packages you’ll be receiving, you’re stressing about them being left outside and stolen because you weren’t home to sign for them or taking way too long to arrive. PLUG’s new virtual office service will accept any mail and notify the receiver when and what was delivered, open the package and send a photo of contents and even go as far as scanning the documents for you.
  1. You’re on the phone with an investor and they ask you where is your office is. You’re afraid to say that international address or even worse, say you’re working from home. Our virtual office membership allows you to list our prestigious Cambridge address as your own. Use it on your business card, website, or anywhere else you like. What’s ours is yours.
  1. You’ve listed your home or cell number on your business website but no one ended up calling because it is an international number. Either they didn’t know how to dial or didn’t want to pay the extra charge. PLUG’s virtual office provides you with a local phone number that will accept all local calls and forward them to the number of your choosing.

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