Taking your start up to the next level: virtual office dilemma

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Today we’re going to talk about an issue every starting entrepreneur has faced: finding the right office space. As an early stage start up, you’re most likely operating from your apartment and avoiding that enormous rent expense but at the same time needing an official address with a phone line in order to come off as a serious business. As a result, a type of services known as virtual offices is slowly starting to creep up on the industry.

A virtual office will provide its members with amenities ranging from a remote receptionist, virtual assistant, mailing address, mail forwarding, and even scanning of the documents – essentially anything that makes your two person start up appear like a well established company.

It’s a tough decision, so here’s a list of pros and cons that we’ve come up to help you determine whether you need a virtual office membership.


  1. Cost Efficiency

Rent expense tends to take the largest portion of your overhead. A virtual office allows you to cut that expense in half or even third while reaping the benefits of a physical space (such as mail delivery and a phone line).

  1. Flexibility

Typically, virtual offices and mail services are subscription based. By paying month to month, you allow yourself enough room to be flexible in case of emergencies and unforeseen circumstances.

  1. SEO

We all know location is key for almost any business. Paying for a virtual office means you’re mainly paying to be able to list the provided address anywhere you want. This bring huge SEO benefits to your business name and reputation.


  1. Reputation

There’s always risk of trusting someone to be the face of your business. What if they’re’ not performing up to your standards? What if they end up harming your reputation instead of helping?  A rude receptionist or mail theft can make you seriously regret the decision to trust a virtual office service.

  1. Communication

Having to communicate with someone who is thousands of miles away creates organization issues. Extraneous circumstances can end up having serious repercussions simply because of ineffective communication.

  1. Security

Last and probably most important disadvantage of getting a virtual office is the risk of information leakage, important document loss, or data disclosure. Its important to stay cautious in order to protect your business!

All in all, having a virtual office seems like a very good way to save some money while receiving benefits of having physical office space. Our advise? Be sure to do your research prior to choosing a company and raise any concerns you have early on!

Written by: Aliya Serikpayeva

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